Our hospital is connected to eduroam
Eduroam (https://www.eduroam.org/) is an international project to promote mobility and roaming in national research and education (NREN) networks. In the Czech Republic the project is guaranteed by the CESNET association. This service is free for all participants.
A registered user can use this wireless network (wherever available) with a single user account. The account is administered by the home organization, i.e. their account provider.

Set up user devices to connect to eduroam
The easiest way to set up is using eduroam CAT (https://cat.eduroam.org/), for more options see the documentation at eduroam.cz (https://www.eduroam.cz/cs/uzivatel/sw/uvod).

Covered spaces
The eduroam wi-fi network is broadcast in buildings B1 and C1.

Users from our hospital can contact eduroam@fnusa.cz.
Visitors with an eduroam account should seek support primarily from their home institution, the one that provided the account.